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Accounts in RangerMSP can be categorized by the Account Type field. This helps you determine their main category, such as Prospect, Customer, Partner, etc.

In some cases, you may wish to categorize them to other groups as well, for instance MSP Customer, Government, Club Member, etc.

This means you would like the Account to be part of one or several groups.

This can be handy for targeting your marketing campaigns, addressing customers who belong to a certain group, etc.

Setting up Extra Categories for an Account

More categories can be added to Accounts in a few ways:

Customizing user fields

Use the Account's Field1, Field2 etc., and rename them to represent the different types (click here for more details on renaming fields).

This is a simple option, which will allow you to add a limited number of categories, but can be very helpful if you do not require too many different categories.

Customizing User Tabs with CheckBoxes

Add your own user-defined tab to the Account window, and in this tab you can add as many fields as you want. This way you can add yes/no kind of fields (checkboxes), and use them as your categories.

See screenshot below:

Using a free-text field for categories

This is similar to the second suggestion, however, rather than the checkboxes, use a Free-Text field. and set it with the categories names. You can then filter the accounts according to the text which includes the name

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