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Importing Accounts from QuickBooks

You may choose to import QuickBooks customers/vendors into RangerMSP Accounts.

It is recommended to read the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link user manual before starting to work with the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link. In this manual you can find initial setup instructions for the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link as well as how to synchronize information between RangerMSP and QuickBooks.

However, if you are already familiar with the initial settings for the RangerMSP-QuickBooks link, the following setup steps is essential when importing customers/vendors from QuickBooks into RangerMSP Accounts.

Setup Notes

  1. It is recommended to perform a FULL BACKUP of RangerMSP and QuickBooks before starting using the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link.
  2. To use the link, the Intuit API should be installed (The QB setup wizard will ask you for this if required).
  3. Log-in to QuickBooks with the correct company file (must have the same exact path as the company file used for the RangerMSP-QuickBooks link) and as a QuickBooks Administrator user.
  4. Switch to Single User mode in QuickBooks.
  5. Leave the QuickBooks window open and then log-in to RangerMSP.
  6. In RangerMSP go to Tools > Options > QuickBooks and choose your QuickBooks company file.
  7. In QuickBooks, a pop-up window should appear asking you a question regarding allowing RangerMSP permission to use QuickBooks. Please allow RangerMSP to access QuickBooks data.
  8. Continue with the RangerMSP setup wizard and start using the QuickBooks link (Please note that when using the link you can import all your customers from QuickBooks to RangerMSP).

Performing the sync
Prior to performing the first sync, make sure to read Before Importing from QuickBooks.
To activate the RangerMSP-QuickBooks link, select Tools > Synchronize QuickBooks > Customers/Vendors from the main menu.

Again, it is recommended to read the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link user manual before starting to work with the RangerMSP-QuickBooks Link for the first time.

Avoiding Duplicate Accounts with QuickBooks

QuickBooks® customers and RangerMSP Accounts can be synced so that your contact information is unified between the two applications.

If you have already created Accounts in RangerMSP, it is important to prevent the creation of duplicate contact records in the two programs. To prevent duplicate records, you need to create a link between matching records in QuickBooks and RangerMSP.

RangerMSP Accounts and QuickBooks customers can be linked in the RangerMSP Accounts windows. To link the records, select a RangerMSP Account you would like to link, and then search for the QuickBooks Customer which you would like to link to. Confirm the link, and the records will be linked from this point on.

Note: When working with both RangerMSP and QuickBooks, you may need to sync Accounts from both systems. In this case, you should read the How to Avoid Duplicate Accounts section.

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