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The Home Page displays the information that is most important to you.

For example, you can see –

  • My Open Tickets
  • My Appointments for the Next 7 Days
  • Overdue Tickets Assigned to Me
  • My Charges logged today
  • My Open Opportunities
  • Recently selected Accounts/Tickets/Assets
  • Assets Expiring in Next 7 Days
  • and more

The Home Page comes with predefined database queries grouped by category. Each user can easily choose which queries to show, allowing personal view for each user.

Home Page Features:

  • Automatically refreshes so you always see the current state.
  • Easily remove, add and reorder your preferred data boxes.
  • Use saved Filters to tailor the data being displayed for your needs.
  • Add new records, open existing ones, and more directly from the Home page

Using Home Page

Home Page can be opened using the icon on the left side pane.

To add new lists:

  1. Click the ‘New’ icon on the top part of the window or the '+' button on its bottom. Note that you can add up to 24 lists.
  2. Select the list category.
  3. Choose the predefined query template or the saved filter that you want to display and click ‘Next’

  4. Enter a header for this list.
  5. For the predefined query template, depending on the query type, you can select the Employee and the Date that will be used in the query or define the filtering criteria.
  6. Click Finish to add the list to the Home Page.

Home Page list options:

  • Click the list title or the link 'Open in Window' to display the entire list in a new window.
  • Click the '+' button to add a new record.
  • Use the 'More actions' icon to open a list settings, to move the list up/down, right/left or remove the list from the Home Page.

See Also

Select the Home page display mode that best works for you – compact, cozy, comfortable or continuous.