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How can I add employees?

To create a new employee, go to the Employees window > Employees > New Employee
The New Employee window will be opened. Type an employee name, set their hourly Labor Rate, and mark the employee as Active.

You can now manage this employee in RangerMSP.

To allow the employee to log in to RangerMSP, check the 'Configure User' option, set the employee’s password, and select the desired privileges group.

How can I create a user for an existing employee record?

A user account enables the employee to log in and use RangerMSP. You can only create a user for active employees. To do so, go to the Employees window, select your employee, go to his or her Employee tab and click on Configure User.

How can I set an employee as inactive?

You can set an employee as inactive by clicking the 'Make Inactive' button in the 'Employee' tab when the employee's details are displayed.

Inactive employees are usually employees that have stopped working. Therefore, such an employee no longer needs to be managed in the system. Setting the employee to Inactive will release one active employee license for use by another employee.

Inactive Employees cannot be managed in RangerMSP, i.e. they cannot be assigned to Tickets, cannot be used for labor charges, cannot be dispatched for on-site visits for open Tickets, etc.

How can I tell whether an employee is active or not?

You can tell whether an employee is active by visiting their "Employee" tab or by viewing it in the relevant column when displaying a list of all employees.

How do I define a web user name and password for my employee?

To define a web user name and password for an employee, select the employee, go to his or her Employee tab, and click on Configure Web User.

How do I set the labor rate for each employee?

Select the employee record in the Employees window, go to the 'Employee' tab, and set the relevant hourly Labor Rate.

How can I modify my password?

In the Main menu go to File > Users and Privileges > Change Password.

Note: A user with administrator privileges can set a new password for each employee from the Employee window > Employee tab > Configure User > Set Password.

How do I know which users have administrator privileges?

From the Main menu go to File > Users and Privileges > Show Administrators.

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