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What is the work flow when using the Dispatcher?

The work flow for Tickets that should be handled on site is usually as follows:

  1. Set the Ticket to show in the Dispatcher (Set in New Ticket window / Mouse click on the Tickets list).
  2. Open the Dispatcher window (by default, all tickets to be dispatched will be listed there).
  3. Drag-and-drop the ticket to the right date/time/employee.
  4. An appointment window is opened with all the Ticket and Account information.

The ticket has now been dispatched. The ticket’s status will be automatically modified to 'Scheduled' and it will no longer be displayed on the Dispatcher.


In the Appointment window, you can click on the Arrow button near the Account to add the address/phone number to the Appointment description. To make this easier, you can also set RangerMSP to automatically include Account information in the Appointment description by going to the Options window > Calendar page.

Note: The appointment will also be visible on the Ticket Pending page.

I created a new Ticket and I don’t see it on the Dispatcher board. What can I do?

To view Tickets in the Dispatcher window, the Ticket should be set to be displayed in the Dispatcher. To set a Ticket to be displayed on the Dispatcher board:

  1. Select the check box displayed in the New Ticket window, or
  2. When viewing the Tickets list - click on the left-most column of the relevant Ticket row. A dispatch picture should appear, or
  3. In the 'Details' tab of a selected Ticket, select the ‘Show Ticket in Dispatcher’ check box.

You can also set a default value for all new Tickets: from the Tickets menu, select Tools > Options... > Tickets tab and check or uncheck the following option: ‘By default, set to display new Tickets in Dispatcher.

What is the Pending tab?

The Pending tab in the Account/ Ticket/ Contract/ Sales Opportunity windows displays all the scheduled appointments and tasks linked to that record. Double-click to open the Appointment window and edit its details. Each change made on the Pending tab will automatically be updated in the calendar window and vice versa.

Note: The Pending tab for Accounts displays pending information which is related to this account, whether it was entered at the Ticket or Contract levels or directly at the Account level.

How can I display Account details in an Appointment's description?

An Appointment's description field can display basic Account information.

In the Appointments window, click on the arrow label near the Accounts field. Account details will be added to the description field.

You can also save time by automatically adding Account details to every description. To do so, go to Tools > Options…, click on the Calendar tab, and select 'Attach account details to description.

When do I use the Shared Calendar?

The Shared appointments in the calendar mean that all employees see this appointment, and when they sync with their Outlook folders, these appointments are synced as well (to each user separately). The Shared Calendar is usually used for office-wide events, vacations, etc.

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