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Getting Started

Advanced Use

Is the system customizable?

The system is customizable. You can customize reports, rename field labels, create new tabs and new data fields, manage values for drop down lists etc.

When I update RangerMSP, will all my customizations be preserved?

All your data and customization settings are preserved after any updates are applied to RangerMSP.

How do I rename fields?

An administrator can change field labels by double-clicking on the field label. This opens a window, where the field name and field display label can be changed.

Are there predefined custom fields?

Yes. There are existing fields labeled Field which can be used as you see fit (you can also rename their label to your needs).

Can I create a new custom tab with my own custom data fields?

Yes. In the Accounts/Tickets/Contracts windows select Accounts/Tickets/Contracts > Tools > Tab Management, create a new tab and then go to Tools > Fields Management to create new fields for your new page.

Note: When prompted to select a subject, create one and continue. This subject can then be selected when you are creating your other custom data fields.

Is it possible to customize the default system tabs?

You can customize tabs that you have added by designing its layout and moving the data fields.

System tabs cannot be customized. However, you can create a custom tab and add existing system data fields (together with new ones) to it, which achieves similar results to customizing system tabs. After designing the new tab you can remove the original system tab from the display by using the Tab Management window at Tools > Tab Management.

Please note that the 'General' tab cannot be removed from the display.

Is there a limit on how many custom fields I can create?

You can create as many new tabs as needed and create as many new fields as needed. You can also design the layout of the tab page as best suits your needs.

Can I edit existing drop down value lists?

Yes. You can edit drop down lists and add or modify values. To add or modify values, select [edit list...] from the drop down list.

Can I customize field settings in RangerMSP?

Yes, you can customize the following field settings:

  • The Name of the fields as displayed throughout the system where a field name is displayed
  • The field Label and Hint
  • The field title on data grids/tables – Column Title
  • The default value for new records
  • The drop-down list that will be displayed for drop-down selection list fields
  • Enabling the field to be updated in batch update (Accounts fields only)
  • Enabling lists to be sorted by this field

To modify the field settings, log in to RangerMSP as an Administrator, and double-click on the field label. The field's Settings window will open. All modifications will be saved when you confirm before closing the window.

How can I customize RangerMSP reports?

To customize RangerMSP reports, open the Reports window, select the report you want to customize, select Copy from the toolbar and enter your new report name. The copied report will be selected. Select the Design button from the toolbar, and the report designer will open.

Design the report layout and save.

How Can I add new data fields and labels to a report?

To add new data field to a custom report, select a DBText button from the report designer toolbar and place it where desired in the report layout. With the newly created field selected, select the appropriate Data Field from the drop down list on the toolbar, which is located on the upper left corner.

If you want to add a Title, select the Label button from the toolbar, place it on the report and write the title in the text area on the windows toolbar, which is located on the upper left corner as well.

Where Can I find the customized reports?

All customized reports are listed under the same report categories once the Custom Reports radio button has been selected on the Reports window.

How can I embed my company logo in RangerMSP reports?

You can set/modify a textual header (with your company name, etc.) for all reports at once by selecting Tools > Options… from the main menu. In the Options window, go to the Reports tab and click on Edit Header.

You can brand RangerMSP reports with a customized image logo by customizing the reports.

To customize RangerMSP reports, open the Reports windows and select a report you would like to customize. From the Reports menu, select Copy and choose a name for your new report. Check that the copied report is selected, and select Edit from the Reports menu. The report designer opens.

In order to allow an image to be displayed in the header, you need to disable the textual header. To do so, move all the fields located above the Header title/band to below the Header title. Right-click the Header title and unmark the Visible option.

To add an image to the report, click on the image button on the toolbar and draw a rectangle beneath the Header section. Right-click on the rectangle you have drawn and select Picture... > Load... and select your logo image file. (Please note that your logo needs to be saved as a ".bmp" file.) Save your changes.

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