Barcodes and Assets

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Equipment is often identified by a serial number which is stored in a barcode on the Asset. You can use a barcode reader to scan the barcode into the Asset details, and use it later to search for the Asset.

You can store the barcode in the Asset Code field (optional), which is the Asset's unique identifier. If you use this optional field, the Asset code entered must be unique for this Asset, i.e. it must not exist for any other Asset.

In order to insert the barcode into the Asset Code field, open the Assets window, place the cursor in the Asset Code field and use the barcode reader to read the barcode label. When a barcode reader is attached to your computer and you "fire" on a barcode label, the barcode's number will be automatically inserted in the field where the cursor is located. This is an easy way to copy the Asset barcode number into the Asset Code field. (You can also use this method to read the code into the Serial Number field.)

You can then use the same method to search for the Asset using the barcode. In the Asset search pane, select to find the Asset by the Asset Code/Serial No., and "fire" the barcode into the search value.

Note that you can also print the barcode in Asset reports. To add barcodes to reports, add the barcode field to any custom report by clicking on the 'DBBarCode' or 'DB2DBarCode' button in the Toolbar. When the field is added to the custom report, you can right click the bar code field and select Configure... to set the type of encoding. You can find more information about reports and customization in Reports and in the Preparing Asset Label Reports Article.

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