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Is the Asset Code a mandatory field?

No. The Asset Code field is not a mandatory field. You can leave it empty. However, when it is used its value must be unique. In other words, you cannot have two assets with the same asset code (but you can have as many assets as you want with no code).

Can I transfer an asset from one Account to another?

You can transfer an Asset from one Account to the other as long as there are no tickets linked to this Asset.

To modify the Asset Account click on the Asset's Account field and select another Account.

Can I import Assets into RangerMSP?

Yes. You can import assets from various sources into RangerMSP.

When importing, you should select the type of assets you want to import: Hardware, Software or Other. You can also select whether to link all imported assets to a selected account or import them without assigning an account to them.

To import, go to the Assets window > Tools > Assets Import.

You can also import assets from the Assets tab in the Accounts window by right-clicking and selecting Import Assets... In this case all the imported assets will be linked to the selected Account.

Will I receive alerts when working with assets?

Yes. When trying to link an Asset that is not Active to a Ticket, or when the Asset Warranty/License date has expired, a warning message is displayed and the selected asset will be displayed in red in the Ticket window.

Also, in the main Assets window, if the Warranty/License date has expired for an Active Asset, the expiration date will be displayed in red.

How can I create an asset directly from the Tickets window?

In the Tickets window, go to the Details tab, right-click the Asset field and select Add New Asset.

How can I manage Assets warranties and license expirations?

You can use Assets to track equipment warranty and license expiration dates. This can help you increase revenues and provide added value to your clients by automatically reminding them when hardware warranties will expire, when software update subscription licenses will end, etc

You can track expiration dates and set reminders to remind customers on time using the Asset's expiration date and the tasks reminders. You can read more about it in the Assets User Guide under Asset Warranties.

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