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Troubleshooting > Alerts Server Troubleshooting

Checking Alerts Server Configuration

New in version 7 is a utility to check that your Alerts Server configuration and Alerts settings are defined correctly. If you've followed the instructions to setup the Alerts but still you, your employees or your customers are not getting alerts then this utility will scan for a range of problems and suggest how to resolve any that may be found.

To run it go to Settings > RangerMSP Alerts Server > Configuration Check and click the Run button.

I set my user to receive Alerts but I do not get any email alerts

Solution: You should check the following options:

  1. It can take up to 10 minutes for new Alerts preferences to take effect. You can wait, or restart the RangerMSP Server service in order for the settings to take effect immediately.
  2. Make sure your system administrator has activated the system alerts (set the system to ON using the ServerConfig utility) and that the RangerMSP Server Windows service is running).
  3. When testing the alerts, note that you will not receive Alerts for changes you have made. You should perform the changes with a different RangerMSP user.
I checked all of the settings, the alerts system is activated, and and I still don't get email alerts

Solution: In some cases, old settings already created wrong email alerts which are "stuck" in the outgoing queue and prevent the system from going on to the new alerts. In this case, you should first cleanup the outgoing queue:

  1. Stop RangerMSP Server service
  2. Run <server>\RangerMSP\Server\ServerConfig and make sure all settings are correct. Check that the "From Email Address" is correct. Save any changes you make.
  3. To delete old pending alerts, delete all the files in the following folder: <server>\RangerMSP\Server\QSysEDOutbox\
  4. Restart RangerMSP Server service and verify email alerts are being sent

For more Outgoing Emails troubleshooting, please refer to the Email Connector Troubleshooting section below (both the Email Connector and the Alerts Server use the same Outgoing mechanism).

I made changes in RangerMSP (i.e. added a new Ticket, etc.) and I am not getting any Alerts

Solution: You only receive Alerts for changes made by other people. When you make a change in the system on entities related to you (e.g. you assign yourself a new Ticket), you will not receive an Alert.

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