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Can I set myself up to receive Alerts as an Account Manager AND a Ticket Manager?

Yes, you can select all of the Alerts roles and receive Alerts for events which relate to all or some of them.

Note that when you are the Account Manager and Ticket manager of a Ticket, you will receive a single Alert for all events related to this Ticket. You will receive the Alerts through your role as the Ticket Manager (Account Manager Alerts are eliminated in this case to avoid duplicate Alerts).

Why am I getting two Alerts for Tickets dispatched to me (and I am the Ticket manager)?

When a Ticket is dispatched to you, two events happen:

  • A new Appointment is added to your calendar
  • The Ticket status automatically changes from "New" to "Scheduled" (and the "Waiting to be Dispatched" flag is removed).

When you are assigned with the dispatched Appointment, and you are also the Ticket Manager, you receive an Alert for the New Appointment and for the Ticket status update.

How can I stop Email Alerts from being sent to me?

You can stop Alerts from being sent to you from Tools > Options > Alerts. Set My Alerts Status to OFF.

How can I stop Email Alerts from being sent to everyone?

You can set the Alerts Server Mode from the ServerConfig utility, under the Alerts Server tab.

The Alerts mode can be one of the following: On, Off (totally stop the Alerts system, no alerts will be accumulated) or Pause (accumulate Alerts, but avoid sending them until you switch the mode to On).

If I already setup other RangerMSP Server modules (such as Email Connector), do I need to setup outgoing email settings again?

No, you do not need to setup it again. All RangerMSP Server modules use the same outgoing email services, and use the same configuration program (ServerConfig.exe). If you already defined the Outgoing Email configuration, you do not need to define it again. The Alerts Server will be using the same definitions.

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