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What is an Activity Template?

An Activity Template is a template that contains a group of pre-programmed activities—such as Tasks, Appointments, or Tickets—that can be applied to different parts of the system, including Accounts, Assets, Contracts, Tickets and Sales Opportunities. Users can create Activity Templates for projects that their company commonly performs and which require a similar set of tasks, regardless of the client. Using the right template can get you and your team started on a project more quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity and streamlining your work.

What types of activity templates are there?

The activity template “Type” is determined by the entity for which you create the template. The available template types are: Accounts, Assets, Contracts, Tickets, and Opportunities. This means that you can define a set of activity entries within a template and apply the template (i.e. create all activities) to the entity of the same type. You can read more about this under Creating New Activity Templates.

How do I create new activity templates and update existing ones?

Creating new activity templates is done via the Activity Templates management window from Settings > Activity Templates. In this window you can see your existing templates and create new ones. You can read more about this under Creating New Activity Templates.

How can I use and apply an Activity Template?

Applying a template starts with selecting the Activity Template you wish to apply. You then review the activities to be created, select whether or not to create each activity, and update the activity date or employee if needed. Once the data is reviewed you can confirm the creation of all activities. To make this process easier, applying Activity Templates is done via the Template Application Wizard. You can read more about this under Applying Templates.

What is a contract's Linked Activity Template?

Each contract can be assigned a "Linked Activity Template." This template is linked to a contract and can be applied whenever creating new contracts from a contract or copying a contract to a new date range. Default Activity Templates are useful for managing recurring contracts with recurring activities. You can read more about this under Contract Linked Activity Template.

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