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IT service providers many times need to prepare organized and formatted pricing quotes & estimations to their customers, as a step in opportunity negotiations, or just formalizing a sale of a computer. Traditionally, pricing quotes include information about the customer you’re preparing the quote for, what work is going into the price, what the final price is (plus tax), sales agreement disclaimer, and customer signature.

In CommitCRM you can manage quotes in the following ways:

  1. CommitCRM Quoting Module:
    Quotes in CommitCRM provide an easy way to define, create and send to customers sales quotes and proposals for products and services, using your Items list. See more details in Quotes.
  2. Use CommitCRM-QuoteWerks Link:
    Users working with QuoteWerks® as their quoting system can use CommitCRM-QuoteWerks Link to create and manage Quotes directly in QuoteWerks®. See more details in CommitCRM-QuoteWerks Link.

CommitCRM Quoting Module

Quotes in CommitCRM provide an easy way to define and create sales quotes and proposals for products and services, using your Items list. Your Items list can be imported from QuickBooks or from other sources such as Excel spreadsheets, text files, and more.
Customers can view Quotes using the CommitCRM Web Interface, and print out their own copy via the Web. You can also customize Quotes layout to make sure it provides exactly the information you want it to.
The Quotes are linked to CommitCRM Accounts, so each Quote is automatically attached to the correct customer, keeping the complete history in the Account’s view.

>> Read the Quotes user manual.

QuoteWerks® Link

With the CommitCRM-QuoteWerks Link, you can easily link your Quotes from QuoteWerks® to Sales Opportunities in CommitCRM, allowing you to track the sale stages and bill your customer easily from within CommitCRM.

QuoteWerks® Quotes are managed in CommitCRM under Opportunities. Quotes are linked to Opportunities, and the Opportunity amount is a summary of all linked Quote's amounts.

The Quote itself is edited and managed solely in QuoteWerks. Any updates to the Quote can be pulled to CommitCRM, and the Opportunity amount will be updated accordingly.

>> Read the CommitCRM-QuoteWerks Link user manual.

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