Syncing Accounts with Outlook

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Import and Export > Syncing Accounts with Outlook

Syncing Accounts

The CommitCRM-Outlook Sync for Accounts performs a two-way sync between CommitCRM Accounts and Outlook contacts. Note that you can prevent private contacts in Outlook from being synced CommitCRM.

In the Outlook Options window, select the Accounts tab to set the Account sync options:

Setup guide outlook sync accounts.png
  1. Select the Synchronize Accounts/Contacts box in order to activate the Accounts synchronization. Note that a pop up message will appear regarding how to prevent duplicates upon import - see more
  2. In the Setting CommitCRM > Outlook section you can define the behavior when transferring data from CommitCRM into Outlook. Note that you can prevent secondary Contacts in CommitCRM from being transferred into Outlook (if you do not wish to create an Outlook contact for each secondary contact in CommitCRM).
  3. In the Setting Outlook > CommitCRM section you can define the behavior when transferring data from Outlook into CommitCRM. Note that you can prevent Private Outlook contacts from being transferred into CommitCRM. Since the CommitCRM Accounts database is shared for all users, this can be useful if you wish to prevent contacts which are not work-related from being imported into CommitCRM. Another way to achieve privacy is to use a different contacts folder within Outlook for your private contacts, and sync CommitCRM only with your public contacts folder.
  4. You can also allow other users to sync information for you between CommitCRM and an Exchange Server. This is useful when traveling outside of the office and using PDAs to keep updated.

Before Importing from Outlook

Outlook Contacts and CommitCRM Accounts can be synced so that your contact information is unified between the two applications.

If you have already created some Accounts in CommitCRM, it is important to prevent the creation of duplicate contact records in the two programs. To prevent duplicate records, you need to create a link between matching records in Outlook and CommitCRM. There are two ways you can link the Outlook and CommitCRM records:

  • Manually link similar records between CommitCRM and Outlook:
    In Tools > Options > Outlook, select the Outlook contacts folder which should be used to sync with CommitCRM.
    Open the Accounts window, select an Account record in CommitCRM that has a parallel record in Outlook, and from the Tools menu select Link Account to Outlook Contact.
    In the window that is displayed, search for the parallel Outlook record and create a link between the two.
    After all the relevant records are linked between the systems, you can safely perform the sync. Linked records will not be duplicated.
  • Alternatively, you can transfer all CommitCRM Accounts to a new folder in Outlook, and only use this Outlook folder for synchronizations:
    • In Tools > Options > Outlook, select a new and empty dedicated Outlook Contacts folder to sync with CommitCRM Accounts.
    • Perform the sync.
    • All CommitCRM Accounts will be created as Contacts in Outlook. After this, updates/inserts will be synchronized between the two programs, and no duplications will occur.

Note: When working with both CommitCRM and QuickBooks, you may need to sync Accounts from both systems. In this case, you should read the How to Avoid Duplicate Accounts section.

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