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RangerMSP allows you to use and launch the connected phone application directly from within the app. You can use Microsoft Teams Phone System, 3CX, Google Voice, Skype etc.

The dialer option will automatically launch the default application associated on your PC with the TEL: protocol.

Example: Dialing from RangerMSP client using Skype:

Dial phone from client.png

While using the Web interface, including mobile, the dialing option works from various places and triggers the device’s default phone dialer.

Clickable phone numbers for direct dialing when using the Web interface:

Dial phone from web mobile1.png

Dial phone from web.png

Changing calling protocol

When using a system that uses other calling protocols, e.g. SIP/SIPS/Callto, you can easily configure the app to use this protocol instead of the default TEL protocol by editing the following system Online Services:

Dial phone change protocol.png

Changing default dialer

The default dialer can be set under the Tools > Options > Other tab:

Dial phone default dialer.png

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