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New in version 18


The following covers most of the changes included in this new version.


NEW! Home Page

Be on top of everything from a single unified window!

Personalize the Home page and customize it to display the information that is most important to you.

Use saved Filters to tailor the data being displayed for your needs. Add new records, open existing ones, and more directly from the Home page.

Select the Home page display mode that best works for you – compact, cozy, comfortable or continuous.

Real time – The new Home page refreshes automatically and you always see the current state.


Home Page

Home PageClick to enlarge

The new Home page is also available when using the Web interface and it is also mobile-friendly!

Home Page – Web Interface

Home PageClick to enlarge


NEW! Pop-Out in-app windows

Using multiple displays?

Need to focus on a single window and have it use your entire display?

Version 18 lets you pop-out any window in the app and have it display in its own window! You’ll be able to find it in Windows taskbar.


Dispatcher window – Popped out

Dispatcher window - Popped outClick to enlarge



Google® Maps  &  Apple® Maps

You can now open Google maps, or Apple maps when using iOS devices, from many different places within the client app and the Web app. You are one click away from viewing the relevant map or launching your mobile navigation app!

Look for the ‘Map’ links in the Preview tab of Tickets, Accounts, the Appointment and Task windows, and the quick preview of Accounts, Contacts and Tickets.

When using the Web portal look for the ‘Map’ and ‘Nav.’ links.

Mobile Map & Navigation Links

Mobile Map & Navigation Links


Map links – Ticket Preview

Map links - Ticket PreviewClick to enlarge


Map links – Appointment window

Map links - Appointment window

The new Google ‘map’ links are also embedded throughout the Web interface!

Map & Nav. links – Web portal

Map & Nav. links - Web portalClick to enlarge

Tip! Google maps link are now also included in Email Alerts you receive.


Secondary Contact Merge

Ever had duplicate contacts under the same account? Each with their own history?
You can now merge two contacts into one and move all the data from the redundant contact to the master one. Easy!


Email Alerts Enhancements

  • Redesigned employee email alerts for better readability and usability.

  • Google maps links are now included in the relevant alerts to quickly see/navigate the customer/contact address.


New Charge Report

A new report was added to the Charges reporting category:

Weekly Hours Summary by Employee, Account and Ticket

With this report you can easily see a weekly report of the time spent and time charged, by technician, by customer account and specific tickets.


Web interface Enhancements

  • The NEW Home page! – See all details above!
  • Mobile interface enhancements –
    • A numeric keypad will pop for numeric type fields making inserting and updating such fields much easier.

    • Selecting Accounts, Assets, Items, etc. has just become significantly easier on mobile devices – simply type to search (just like in the Web desktop edition). You no longer need to use the manual scrolling to pick a record.p

    • Less taps are required to initiate actions (see Quick Actions below).
  • New! Quick Actions
    Save plenty of clicks and taps (mobile!). Initiate actions directly from lists!

    Add a new Charge to a ticket, add a new Note to an account, add a new Task and more.
    You can also use a Quick Charge directly from the list!

    Simply click the new dedicated dropdown button (near the existing Edit option) to activate the relevant action you need.

    Quick Actions in Web Interface

  • Asset lists can now be filtered by the Asset Status (Active/Not Active). By default inactive Assets are not listed.
    This is supported by both the Web interface for Employees as well as the Customer Web portal.

  • Asset lists are now sorted by the Asset Name OR Code, based on the default sort selected under Tools > Options > Assets tab.
  • Google Maps links are now displayed in different pages for a quick access to the relevant address on map!
  • Move Ticket to another Account
    Ever needed to change the Account of the Ticket using the Web interface? Now you can!

    Move Ticket to another Account

  • Enhanced security – Upgraded to using the current latest JQUERY library.


Email Connector Enhancements

  • Email messages received from employees without a ticket number in the subject line, will create a new ticket under your Business Account record (you can later simply switch the accounts for the ticket).
  • Email messages from employees that arrive to the Email Connector and are converted into a new Ticket, can now also contain who this new Ticket will be assigned to!
    Simply add the employee email address to assign it to prefixed by @.

    For example, a message with the following subject line:

    Subject: Slow server.

    Will create a new ticket under the Acme company account, and have that new ticket automatically assigned to the employee with the email address of

  • You can now, optionally, have all replies to customers use a unified Sender Name unlike the Employee sender name. For more information click here.


QuickBooks Link

  • Support for QuickBooks 2018 Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions.
  • Batch invoicing – You can now control whether or not to Include Not-Billable Charges for Reference in the invoices that will be created, at a specific batch invoicing level. The value is initialized from the default setting under Options.


Additional Enhancements

  • Global Search – Hit the F9 key to quickly start a Global Search.
  • By default, inactive Contacts will no longer be listed under the Account Contacts tab.
  • Charges: ‘Field1’ length was increased to contain 50 characters.
  • New dedicated user privileges to access the Report Designer.
  • Printing to PDF will remember the previously selected location/folder throughout the user session.

  • Pending tab – a new ‘Copy’ option was added in the pop up menu allowing you to copy Appointment/Task/Quote/Ticket/Opportunity right from this tab.

  • Overall app redesign for a smoother experience.
  • A newer database engine, version 11, for better performance and newer OS support.
  • VPN: Faster client app load times!
  • Bug fixes & Performance enhancements!



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