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Dentaur – Jupiter Server support for RangerMSP

Included with Jupiter Server, a Windows Desktop application called Jupiter Explorer is provided which presents a rich visual interface of RangerMSP data alongside data from Webroot, ITPortal and Naverisk.

The authentication for RangerMSP, Webroot, ITPortal and Naverisk all occur at the Jupiter Server, ensuring that controls can be put in place to limit access to those systems from outside the MSPs data network.

Developed as an API Aggregator, Jupiter Server supports access to all RangerMSP API methods over an IP network.

Custom scripts and applications connect to Jupiter Server via a Microsoft Web Service called WCF that is compatible with SOAP.

Authentication and Encryption layers can be enabled to provide additional security to the RangerMSP API.

All programming/scripting languages and operating systems that have support for SOAP can connect to Jupiter Server and access the RangerMSP API.

Jupiter Server provides the opportunity to automatically synchronise data entry across multiple systems, reducing duplicate data entry.

Data can be created in multiple systems with a single API call.

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