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July 16th, 2019, 01:16 PM
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Is there ever going to be an image preview for assets, account, tickets? We know you can attach an image to a asset in the docs, but it is a waste of time if I need to open the image attached in another program or worse download it when using the web client. There should be another tab for images and show previews of the image. So under assets you can attach a number of images that show the asset or the location so the tech can easily see what the client is talking about. Or a tech onsite can attach images to a ticket to show an issue and other techs can quickly access that image without too many steps. Under the accounts you could put images of the location and floor plans, server rooms etc... This would make CommitCRM a much more user friendly store of information and speed up the processes.
July 16th, 2019, 01:58 PM
Support Team
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Thank you for suggesting this and sharing your thoughts with us. Better support for attaching and viewing images is on our list and will be evaluated for the future release.
July 21st, 2019, 01:33 AM
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Adding my support to this thread.
July 21st, 2019, 11:10 AM
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July 22nd, 2019, 11:12 AM
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September 11th, 2019, 08:18 AM
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December 5th, 2019, 12:10 PM
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The new update includes embedding images in the knowledge base articles but still no image preview for assets/tickets/accounts

Really need to be able to attach images of assets and be able to see those images without having to download them.

For tickets, a tech can use their iPhone to attach images to a ticket if there is a visible issue to note.

and for accounts, you should be able to attach images of the location. Like an image of the server closet so when a tech looks up their account they are getting an idea of what the client is looking at, without having to download the image.

Maybe just add a preview pane in the docs section. This would be VERY helpful to work with clients.
December 6th, 2019, 05:59 AM
Support Team
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Thank you for posting this and for sharing your feedback and ideas.

I'd like to refer you to one important move in this direction. The new RangerMSP 24 includes a new built-in preview of images and PDF (Chrome required) files and there is no need to download them anymore in order to preview them.

The built-in preview affects images filed as Documents as well as Email attachments.
Basically, you can use the Web interface portal to quickly previous any image/PDF file attached to Tickets/Assets/Accounts/etc.

Hope this helps.
December 7th, 2019, 02:23 AM
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I was really talking about the desktop program, not the web portal. The web portal is nice for quick access in the field but we normally use the program. But it is nice that you added that to the web portal.
February 21st, 2022, 01:27 AM
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With the new integration to IT-portal. Have you looked at their image gallery? that would be the ideal way to see the images in the desktop program. I am on the fence with subscribing to their service as it is a lot easier to keep track of info on there. And it adds in the client portal as well. I have been asking for years for this as a feature so we could quickly look in a client's record and see images that were uploaded, without having to click links to open a file.
February 21st, 2022, 06:31 AM
Support Team
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Thank you for posting this. Showing image previews within the app itself is already high on our list and may be included in one of our coming new releases. Thanks for asking.
July 25th, 2022, 08:00 AM
Support Team
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Update from RangerMSP Team:
The new Photo Albums feature was introduced in RangerMSP 29.

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