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June 14th, 2016, 09:47 PM
Posts: 113
Any chance of setting up CommitCRM users with LDAP Authentication to their own domains?

June 14th, 2016, 10:10 PM
Posts: 157
How about LDAP integration for our own teams?
June 14th, 2016, 10:52 PM
Posts: 113
Why not!
June 15th, 2016, 06:09 AM
Support Team
Posts: 7,493
Thank you for suggesting these. Ideas noted.
February 26th, 2017, 05:14 PM
Posts: 113
Any news on this?

It would really work for those that are supporting larger companies!
February 27th, 2017, 06:02 AM
Support Team
Posts: 7,493
​Currently we do not have any news on this. The request is clear and the idea is nice, however so far it has not been as popular as other requests that have been implemented or are planed. Thanks for asking.
February 27th, 2017, 01:58 PM
Posts: 113
It would be beat trying to maintain 30 users in CommitCRM when they are always changing.

Lots of other vendors do this now.
February 27th, 2017, 02:59 PM
Posts: 188
this would be big for us too! +1
March 2nd, 2017, 05:58 AM
Posts: 50
yip us toooooooo - +1
August 11th, 2022, 04:01 AM
Posts: 2
I was hoping to see this feature by now too. +1 for me as well!

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