Sysadmin Day “Best of the Worst” Contest

In honour of the 15th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day on July 25th we are having a little contest!

No doubt just about everyone in the IT industry has had a bad day at some point, when everything seems to go wrong at the worst possible time in the worst possible way. Whether you are an MSP technician or a datacenter sysadmin, no matter what the platform, be it Linux or Windows or Mac or Unix or something else, you’ve been there and you’ve faced down that disaster and ultimately saved the day (hopefully).

You may have come out with a few more wrinkles, a beard that is a little more gray than it was at the start of that day, or a new appreciation for backups and you may have taken up drinking afterwards, but you won the battle and saved the interwebs (or your tech-phobic granny’s malware infected PC) because that’s what you always do even if nobody ever knows the epic fight you were engaged in on that cold, stormy night while the rest of the world was out partying or at home watching more heads roll on Game of Thrones.

Well now it is time to tell everyone of that heroic struggle – we’d like to hear the best sysadmin disaster stories where you ultimately saved the day! Tell us about that time the datacenter blew up, or when the backup generator failed and you had to hookup a dynamo to a bike and pedal furiously all night to keep the servers powered up until the electricity was restored or when your IT department manager dropped “the internet” or when legions of anonymous script kiddies ddos’d the corporate blog or when the CEO distributed malware to all 10k PC’s on the company network or gave the login for company bank account to a charming Nigerian Prince who promised so much for so little or that time in sysadmin camp…

We’ll publish the best of the worst disasters here and there will be a prize for the top story!

Post your stories in the comments section below and we’ll pick the winner on July 28th – make sure to include your email address or some way we can actually get back to you if your story is chosen!

The Rules:

  • Must be a true story – no fibs, no matter how creative!
  • Winner will be notified soon after and our decision is final.

Post your true disaster story in the comments below to enter the contest!

Good luck and Happy SysAdmin Day!!

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